Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker releases patch 6.08, activating servers in Oceania and more

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker releases patch 6.08, activating servers in Oceania and more

Square Enix releases Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker patch 6.08. With this the servers in Oceania are activated, the actions of the jobs are adjusted and more changes are added.

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker patch 6.08. With this new game update have activated the servers in Oceaniatweaked job actions, and more.

Today, the developer and publisher has published the new update of your MMORPG. As we can read thanks to Twinfinitepatch 6.08 already has some pretty noticeable changes.

The first of them, although it does not affect us in EuropeIt is the return of the servers in Oceania. As we already told you, Final Fantasy XIV digital sales will reopen at the end of January.

The director and producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that digital sales would reopen today. The expansion of servers in North America, Japan and Europe It came with the opening of new servers in Oceania.

At the time it started new patch update 6.08These were not yet available. But right now yes, since they would open around 11:00 in the morning, in Spanish time.

Of course, said update could be downloaded early on the morning of Tuesday, January 25. It didn’t weigh much around 90MBso downloading it would/will be a breeze.

But it has left some new features to the game, such as certain changes to jobs. All patch notes can be read in full on the official website of the game, which has already published them.

Characters that are transferred to the new servers (those in the world will be reopened tomorrow), or that are created there, will get a bonus with double experience up to level 80.

As for the substantial changes in the data center in Oceaniathis has to do with the new opening of servers for the game.

They have named it “Matter” Y a number of servers have been included that we leave you indicated below:

  • Bismarck
  • ravana
  • Sephirot
  • sophia
  • Zurvan

Of course, in addition to all this there are also solutions for some rather annoying problems. These arose between endwalker launch and now.

Some of the fixes there are include ones like the solution to an annoying audio problem that it was affecting some users; but that is history.

final fantasy XIV still available in PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. PS4 users will be able to upgrade for free to the PS5 at no cost and the endwalker expansion He is barely a month and a half old.

Square Enix continues to suspend sales of Final Fantasy XIV to ease congestion on the game, and Yoshi-P asked players not to be so toxic with developers.

Hopefully today the sales of the game will return after these 6.08 changes in the MMORPG.

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