Two fans of Ana de Armas denounce Universal for having cut their scenes in the movie Yesterday

Two fans of Ana de Armas denounce Universal for having cut their scenes in the movie Yesterday

Fans have taken this step after the actress was used by the studio in promotional material for the Danny Boyle movie.

Imagine organizing a movie night with one of your friends to see one of the latest films by actress Ana de Armas. After browsing the Amazon catalog for a while, you decide to rent the tape Yesterday, in whose trailer you can see the performer in question, you pay $3.99 to see it and when it ends, you realize that De Armas does not appear in a single frame.

This is the situation faced by the Americans Michael Rosza and Conor Woulfe, who now have decided to sue Universal Studios for having cut all the scenes of actress Ana de Armas in the 2019 film, Yesterday, directed by Dany Boyle. According to the complaint filed, the studio took advantage of the actress’s presence to promote the film.

“Although the defendant [Universal] included the scenes with Mrs. De Armas in the advertisements of the film’s trailer, in order to promote Yesterday and attract the sale and rental of films, lMrs. De Armas is not and never was in the public version of the film. Unable to use the fame of the actors playing Jack Malik or Ellie to maximize the movie’s sales and rentals.

Defendant used Mrs. De Armas’ fame, glitz and brilliance to promote the film by including their scenes in the movie trailers that advertised Yesterday.” Both complainants are demanding Universal pay $5 million for a case of “false advertising.”

The scene in question is one in which De Armas appears alongside the film’s protagonist, Himesh Patel, as guests on James Corden’s show, moment that can be seen for just 10 seconds in the Yesterday trailer that lasts more than three minutes.

However, although The scene can be seen in full on Youtube, was eliminated from the final cut of the film, making the actress’s presence in Yesterday completely disappear, which has not affected her career at all, by the way, because right now she is in one of her best moments.

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