How to get pickaxe pieces in Deep Rock Galactic: mods to customize this tool

How to get pickaxe pieces in Deep Rock Galactic: mods to customize this tool

Deep Rock Galactic offers us a collection and farming formula where shooting is another of the most important parts. However, what matters here is having a good peak.

Cooperative shooter Deep Rock Galactic is about so much more than shooting nasty alien bugs. As good mining dwarves we will also have to collect many materials with which to progress.

Thus, there is nothing better than the peaka fundamental tool in Deep Rock Galactic and that on top of that has parts to customize and modify it. We tell you how you can get them.

How to get the pickaxe pieces in Deep Rock Galactic: modifications to improve this tool

There are several ways to get parts in Deep Rock Galactic. The fastest and easiest is paying for the different DLC packs that includes the game and that offer cosmetic parts and skins for the pickaxe. Each DLC costs about 7.99 euros.

However, it is possible to get these items without opening the wallet. For that we have to resort to missing teamspackages that can be found randomly in the different missions and that generate a sound to be able to find them.

Once you find its location you will have to dig and you will reach an area full of very valuable resources and a cosmetic reward for the pickaxe. These packages offer Up to 40 different pieces for the beak.

On the other hand, you can also try to get parts through the quest chainshighly demanding challenges that will allow us to get very valuable rewards if we succeed in all the missions.

If you are enjoying the game, feel free to check out one of our guides on it. Here we explain how to level up fast in Deep Rock Galactic using some tips and tricks to earn experience points faster or how to order supply shipments to survive matches.

The game has received a slew of new players thanks to its addition to PS Plus Free Games for January 2022. Have you been one of the 6 million new players who have joined the mining shootouts?

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