From today you can already buy the official PS5 covers on Amazon

From today you can already buy the official PS5 covers on Amazon

If you want to give your PS5 another touch, you’re in luck: you can now buy the official skins for the console on Amazon in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colors.

Surely you already know it, especially if you go through our page often: Sony has released official covers for its new PS5, so you can change the color if you have tired of white. And well, they are already on sale!

If you were looking for an official cover for the new Sony console, that’s why the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: you can now buy the official PS5 covers on Amazon.

Although there are five different covers to customize your PS5 that Sony offers, for now only Midnight Black and Cosmic Red models are for sale for standard and digital consoles, matching the DualSense controllers of the same name.

Both models are on sale for 54.99 euros, either for the digital model or the standard console model. To install them, it is as easy as applying them by removing the side plates that come standard with the console.

Obviously the cases for the standard edition of the console come with hole for the disc player, while those corresponding to the digital PS5 console do not. logical thing.

You can book any of these covers, which They will be available in stores from January 21., at the price already specified. And what about the remaining three colors? These are Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purpleboth of which will arrive as skins for PS5 – and also as Dualsense controllers – in the first half of this year.

Luckily, all the controls and covers for your PlayStation 5 will be available in Spain, as well as in other regions already confirmed by Sony. It’s a perfect opportunity to give your console a change.

The official shells Midnight Black and Cosmic Red for PS5 are already on sale on Amazon, while the rest will arrive in the coming months. So pay attention to our page, we’ll let you know!

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