Activision is considering not releasing a Call of Duty annually and the first blank year could be 2023

Activision is considering not releasing a Call of Duty annually and the first blank year could be 2023

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Call of Duty could cease to be an annual saga, after the lukewarm results achieved by Vanguard and the purchase of Microsoft.

Call of Duty is one of the most successful and important IPs in the video game industry, but it is a fact that it is not at its best. And this is something that ActivisionBlizzard It tastes so good.

Yes, Call of Duty Warzone (now Pacific) continues to gather millions of players every day and is a very successful Battle Royale, but the main installments of the series have gradually deflated…all the way to Call of Duty Vanguard, released late last year.

As you know, Microsoft has bought Activision Blizzard, so the Call of Duty IP now belongs to Xbox Game Studios. However, Phil Spencer confirmed last night that the games will still be coming to other platforms.

Of course, first you have to decide what to do with the saga. According a Bloomberg report, prominent Activision employees say that Call of Duty should stop releasing installments every year.

In other words, Activision’s own workers believe that the best thing for Call of Duty is abandon that release policy. Is rotating strategy had some problems after the arrival of Warzone.

We remind you that Call of Duty Warzone will continue to receive support year after year (until further notice), while different annual games parade that are synchronized. These have been Modern Warfare (2019), Black Ops Cold War (2020), and Vanguard (2021).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Activision employees believe that Call of Duty should take a break, as the public is exhausted and the franchise begins to give symptoms of annoying ”COD Fatigue”, that we explain to you.

This evil accompanies some titles of the saga. COD Vanguard is the latest example, but it is not the only one. deliveries as Ghosts or Infinite Warfare they had underperforming performance, affected by this ”virus”.

If this is confirmed, Call of Duty would apply this change ”next year or later”, so delivery planned for this 2022 would stay. She is serious Modern Warfare 2, according to recent rumours.

Another sector of Activision Blizzard believes that the problem is not launching the games annually, but that it was too early to go back to WWII. Recall that the previous installment of these coordinates (before Vanguard) was WWII, released in 2017.

What is clear is that they are coming important changes for Call of Duty. This year we will have a new installment, but there is no doubt that the IP needs a little break… and it is the perfect time after joining the talented team of Xbox Game Studios.





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