Casio CT-S1000V, el teclado que canta por ti

Casio CT-S1000V, the keyboard that sings for you

Talking about Casio keyboards is, for many, remember those models of the PT series that we received as a gift on some birthday, Christmas, maybe communion, etc., and that they were always the envy of friends, neighbors and classmates. Whether it was the most basic and common model, the Casio PT-1, to much more advanced models such as the PT-82 and its memorable memory cartridges, Casio’s portable keyboards marked more than one generation, leaving us with indelible memories.

That is why knowing that, after a certain period without great news, for many it is great news to know about the Casio CT-S1000V, a keyboard that, although it is not portable like the ones I mentioned before, does have a proposal for the most innovative and striking. And it is that, in addition to having the functions that we can expect from a keyboard of this type, has a comprehensive speech synthesis solution, so you don’t need to have previous recordings or a separate vocoder to produce voiced creations.

Yes, you read correctly, we are talking about a synthesizer with everything we can expect from a device of this type, with the company’s flagship AiX engine, and that shines especially when it comes to recreating acoustic sounds. But its great asset is that, thanks to its voice synthesis system, it will be able to reproduce the texts that you indicate with a voice (clearly synthetic, yes) on which you can make multiple adjustments and, of course, adjust the notes with which the Casio CT-S1000V will “sing” your composition with the keyboard itself. That is, the same operation offered by a keyboard to which a separate vocoder has been connected.

You may now be wondering about the input method used by the Casio CT-S1000V so that you can enter text. And if you are worried that it is through an unusable interface, such as the keyboard keys themselves, an on-screen keyboard or something like that, I have good news, and it is that none of that, instead you’ll need to use the keyboard’s smartphone app, which connects to the device, and in it you can write the text and send it to the keyboard.

Once the text has been entered, you can make multiple adjustments to the voice (or voices) with which it will be interpreted. For this purpose you will find multiple presets for a single voice or choir, and you can also configure other elements, such as the age of the “performer”, if you wish.

Although the Casio CT-S1000V is not yet for sale (the company has not yet given the launch date, for now it only announces it as “Coming soon”), we do know that its price, in the United States, it will be $449.99. Obviously we are not talking about a toy, but for many people with musical aspirations, and for whom getting voices can be a problem, the solution proposed with this Casio is, without a doubt, something to consider.

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