Pokimane’s hate raid implicates Ninja and could lead to legal action as soap opera continues

Pokimane's hate raid implicates Ninja and could lead to legal action as soap opera continues

Pokimane’s hate raid implicates Ninja and could lead to legal action. The consequences of Jidion’s permanent ban have led to threats of lawsuits.

The Hate Raid Pokimane implicates Ninja and could lead to legal actions. Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins have gotten into a heated argument.

They have even threatened to take legal action. All because he accuses Ninja of using his connections to apparently help Jidion, streamer who has gone from a 14-day ban to a permanent one.

as we read in Dexerto, last December 13 Pokimane ended a live stream early as Jidion brought a hate raid to his channel, with chat bullying and hurtful comments.

After this hate raid, Jidion’s channel was suspended for 14 days and now it’s permanent. Thus, Poki explained in his direct that the saga was not over, it was still far from over.

Ninja has since joked about her and other streamers as “p*****” and allegedly sending messages to his Twitch connections to help Jidion avoid the ban.

On her January 17 live, Poki talked about this and is confused by Ninja’s reaction. According to her, he was referring to the behavior of the hate raid, commenting that “you can’t go headless chicken raiding p***** on Twitch“.

While he was referring to “a few more in general“, Poki left a simple question: “I wonder if Ninja would have said that if it was a bunch of male streamers who had been raided“.

Additionally, the streamer was taken aback by Ninja’s attempts to help Jidion. He spoke to his chat saying: “Ninja joked about it saying that Dijon (Jidion) was screwed, but he will do everything he can to help him, but don’t wait too long“.

As we see in this video of Jidion reacting to Ninja’s direct, what Poki says is appreciated. And she summarizes that Ninja spoke with a Twitch representative so that the ban on Jidion was not harsh.

Why would Ninja help someone avoid a ban for harassing me? I have no idea, nonePoki was saying. And now all this has followed with threats from him about suing her at the share a private message from Jessica BlevinsNinja’s wife.

At this point, we are considering everything as defamation“, can be read in Blevins’s message to Poki before warning her that her legal team is already “involved in the matter“.

You’re spouting lies to tens of thousands of people“Moreover, she assures that Ninja”never contacted anyone” on Twitch to support Jidion. “We have already explained everything“.

You’re harassing Tyler and I right now and we take this very seriously.“. poki continued this time with who was”willing to accept“What Ninja May There Be”pretended to send a message to a Twitch rep“.

After all, she said herself admitting that there was no way “refute it. But still, what I wanted was “have the clip pulled” after all.

Very recently, Pokimane criticized Twitch’s “sexist” double standards for attractive streamers.

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