‘Unfinished Legacy’: The ambitious Star Wars fanfilm project being prepared by the people of WookieNews, financed by Kickstarter

'Unfinished Legacy': The ambitious Star Wars fanfilm project being prepared by the people of WookieNews, financed by Kickstarter

WookieNews seeks to reach the goal to finance Star Wars: Unfinished Legacy, an ambitious fan film of promotional quality that we need like water in May.

Star Wars imagery is vast, from new canon to old Expanded Universe (Legends), Star Wars tales have captivated and enamored fans around the world for generations.

But not all the great works related to the saga created by george lucas they are official productions, although they could.

Today we stop at the project of the people of wookienews, well-known portal in Spain for bringing a lot of news about Star Wars and the immense community of fans of the saga.

Well, at WookieNews they have a projected fanfilm titled Star Wars: Unfinished Legacy, based on the fanfic written by Gem Bonnin (youth writer and translator of Star Wars novels) and set immediately after the destruction of the Second Death Star in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Ahsoka Tano will guide Luke Skywalker through different iconic Star Wars locations, revealing part of the history of Darth Vader to the son of the one who was his teacher in the Jedi Order.

The fanfilm, animated in 2D, will feature two exceptional dubbing actors: Naomi Bayarri (the voice of Rosario Dawson in Spain in series like The Mandalorian) and David Robles (Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars: Battlefront video games, and the voice of Leonardo Dicaprio in our country, among others).

Bieito Casal will be in charge of the animation of this 7-9 minute fan film, which will be addressed by Ariel P. Aguilar and with Diego Trives as executive producer.

Danny Parker (author of the fantastic poster with which we accompany this article) and Paprika They take care of the storyboard. Alberto “Pep” Santandreu (who was recently seen collaborating on The Witcher’s Handbook from Arkham Coffee & Comics) will edit and mix the sound for the project.

complete the team Jaume Lozano, Pati, Phyro PD (author of that logo that refers to the World Between Worlds) and Natalia PC.

Naturally, a project of this magnitude that is to be carried out properly requires funds, and that is where the Kickstarter campaign that they have opened from WookieNews.

Star Wars: Unfinished Legacy Poster

Danny Parker

With a goal of €15,000, the campaign has already accumulated almost a third of the minimum funding required by Star Wars: Unfinished Legacy.

The campaign will be open until January 25 in the afternoon, so if you want to contribute to this very promising fanfilm, you’re on time. In addition, there are interesting rewards for sponsors.

Of course the poster and the trailer anticipate a spectacular job. From Hobby Consoles we want to wish all the luck in the world to this WookieNews project, and we hope to echo its successful completion. The fan film that starwars it deserves.

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