Red Dead Redemption 2 gets crazier with Chaos mod, adding random effects every 45 seconds and Twitch integration

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets crazier with Chaos mod, adding random effects every 45 seconds and Twitch integration

Red Dead Redemption 2 crazier thanks to the Chaos mod, which comes from GTA V. Imagine playing with random effects every 45 seconds and with Twitch integration.

The chaos mod comes to Red Dead Redemption 2 after spreading terror in GTA V. After seeing it, you will want it in the game, but we warn you that it is too crazy to take it in first.

if you see people play GTA V on Twitch and/or YouTube, you may have come across this Chaos mod. Every 45 seconds, the mod activates a random effect that prevents further gameplay.

Sometimes it blows up nearby vehicles, other times surrounding NPCs stop and start dancing. has even Twitch integration so that others can see you play and even vote on what will happen next.

Now that you have reached Red Dead Redemption 2Get ready for a good one. The modder ‘shdel’ has prepared everything exactly same as in GTA V: random, dangerous and fun.

The effects, as we say, are random and varied. They can help, annoy or be neutral, but they’re all made to look great in-game.

Some of these effects are throwing the player into the air, giving random weapons, putting a different weather as it suits him… Twitch integration It will make it more fun because those who watch the game will be able to vote what they want to happen next.

The modder has gone to great lengths to make the list of effects extensive, very extensive. We have left you some examples, but many others you may already know; take a look at the complete list.

This is a short video with some of the tricks that the mod Chaos in Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are chances that a pig farmer will show up and kidnap you, and even a cute donkey will come along just to give you a kick. doWe play a game?

The mod comes just in time when many Red Dead Online users are feeling unhappy. through the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline they believe that Rockstar pampers GTA Online too much and neglects its updates.

This can be a good way to release tension, or to de-stress while playing. You have the mod available through this link with much more detail on what it does and how it works.

Note that you need the RDR2 Script Hook if you want to activate it and make it work with the game. After this, it will only be enough to have a little courage and play against the storm of hostile NPCs, giants or storms.

Of course, the modder himself advises creating an additional save file just for this mod. The effects can – and will – remove all weapons, ammo, money, honor, etc.

If you play a lot with friends, in person or online, this mod Chaos in Red Dead Redemption 2 It is perfect to have a laugh; and if you have Twitch even more, of course.

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What do you think of the madness that could be armed in Red Dead Redemption 2 with this Chaos mod? After all, what could possibly go wrong except everything?





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