The two IMPOSSIBLE GAMES of 32X, at last in our possession!  Are they worth the PASTURE they cost?

The two IMPOSSIBLE GAMES of 32X, at last in our possession! Are they worth the PASTURE they cost?

Two retro games worth a fortune are finally in our hands. We present you T-Mek and Primal Rage from Mega Drive 32-X, two very difficult games to get.

One more Saturday, we have a retro video with which to recover old glories of the past. On this occasion, in addition, it is about two authentic crown jewels: the two most difficult games to get from Mega Drive 32-X.

Given the this SEGA console was such a resounding failure, barely reached two years of life, so very few games came out for her. Some, moreover, did not reach all markets or did so in very few units.

That is the case of Primal Rage or T-Mek. The first one was quite popular because it was released on many consoles (even Game Gear!), but the 32-X version arrived when nobody cared about the device anymore, so it’s very, very difficult to find a copy in good condition.

Something similar happened with T-Mek, a combat simulator that was relatively well known, but had a 32-X version that hardly anyone bought. Therefore, getting either of these two games today can be a task that requires many hundreds, if not thousands of euros.

In the video that you have here above we show you on video two original copies (at least, the cartridges are) of both games, which are not easy to get.

Along with Darxide (which we showed you a while ago), they are the “triumvirate” of hard to get games for Mega Drive 32-X which, although it has a very small catalog of software, is very difficult to complete.

In the video you can see that they were games of quite good quality, taking into account the possibilities of the device. But, in the world of collecting, the scarcity of a game is often more taken into account than its quality.

If you are curious about the rarities of collecting, you can see this list with 5 classic Nintendo games that are worth a fortune today.





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