The seller of the Pokémon cards that scammed Logan Paul confirms that he has returned the money and is trying to recover his

The seller of the Pokémon cards that scammed Logan Paul confirms that he has returned the money and is trying to recover his

The Pokémon card seller reveals that he paid Logan Paul back. A considerable gesture, since he paid 3.5 million dollars for them.

As we told you very recently, logan paul he confessed that the first edition Pokémon cards for which he paid 3.5 million dollars were fake; Although the seller has already returned the money and he tries to recover his.

It seems that Paul has not lost that money since Shyne, the seller who bought them in turn, has reimbursed him. In the end, everything has come to nothing for him, but not for this person who bought them in the beginning.

As counted from Dexerto, Logan uploaded the video to his channel showing the open box next to Shyne, the seller of these; but they came across fake letters that they had inside a GI Joe.

But everything has come to nothing since Shyne has refunded the money. And this same person says he will talk to Meelyops and Card Kahuna, the two people he bought all this from, to get his money back.

Shyne posted some responses on his Instagram Stories and on his profile. In them he basically explained that he had returned the money after seeing that everything was false.

As many of you know, I bought a sealed Pokémon first edition in mid-2021. I never said what I paid, which was 2.7 million dollarsShyne said in the instagram post.

After several collectors contacted me in case I sold it, I kept it for Logan because I knew he would appreciate and value it.“. This is the original publication where both agreed to the sale.

But in the stories it reads: “After opening the first edition we realized that they were rare and in this case false. Logan Paul and I appreciate the community taking notice of this case.

I have already returned your money, but we will see how long it takes me to recover it from the sellers I bought it from, if it will be a matter of days or if this situation continues“.

Shyne himself tells that your legal team has already contacted one from them. “My legal team advised me that Meelypops agreed with his attorney to hold his share while we figure out the rest of the Card Kahuna funds.“.

After the Logan Paul video, pokebeach published something more of this case of authenticity. In his article, messages are shown between Rattle and Jacob Gabay, known as Card Kahuna.

Apparently, you can see how Gabay sends a message to Rattle on Instagram bribing Logan not to open the box.

As Shyne has not revealed whether or not he has managed to contact Card Kahuna yet, this could end up being a lengthy process.

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