Star Wars Funkos turn pink to celebrate Valentine’s Day for the second year, and this time with new Mandalorian figures!

Star Wars Funkos turn pink to celebrate Valentine's Day for the second year, and this time with new Mandalorian figures!

One more year comes Valentine’s Day, and one more year Funko Pop! returns with a special collection of Star Wars and The Mandalorian to celebrate these dates.

Halloween was left behind several months ago and the Christmas we just got over them, as usual, with nougat remains that we don’t know where to put them. But the next important date we have marked on our calendars is the next February 14th, day of Valentine’s Day.

Last year, Funko Pop! colored his figures pink starwars on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. in 2022 funko repeats his strategy and brings us his collection of funko valentines with some of the most famous characters from the galactic saga of george lucas. In the gallery that we leave you below you can see all the pink figures from the collection:

Among them we find Ashoka carrying a box of chocolates Baby Yoda eating some heart-shaped cookies like he did in The Mandalorian oa Din Djarin holding a package that says: “For Grogu. With love, Command”.

We also see Luke Skywalker holding in arms grog together with a handful to heart-shaped garlands or Darth Vader using the force at the same time as he grabs his box of chocolates. With chocolates, but in a more harmless attitude, compete in this funko valentines the figures of a stormtrooper, from Chewbacca and of Yoda.

If you want to get hold of any of these Funko Pop! star wars valentine edition You can do it through the website of Entertainment Earth at a price of 11.99 dollars: a paltry figure to declare to the love of your life.

But if those are not the figures Funko Pop! definitive with which you hoped to conquer someone or complete your collection, here we leave you with 10 extra ideas, in a selection of the most original Funko that are currently on the market. There are from figures of the protagonist of Luca up to a Cyborg Spider-Man.

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