PC’s God of War runs on Linux with Proton, making it another Steam Deck compatible game

PC's God of War runs on Linux with Proton, making it another Steam Deck compatible game

God of War is now available on Steam and it now appears to work on Linux with Proton. That means it makes it another Steam Deck compatible game.

Steam Deck Add another one to the list of compatible games, God of War. The game of Santa Monica Studio just got to Windows PC via Steam, but it works on Linux with Proton.

That means that when the Valve laptop reaches users, they will be able to play with Kratos. Although something that seems strange at first is to see the PlayStation logo on Linux.

Still, many users in your new Steam Deck They will be more than grateful. The information comes to us thanks to Steam Play Proton, who warns of the compatibility of the game.

It is difficult to assimilate at first, but more and more games break their exclusivity on consoles. After all, who would have told us that we would see God of War in its version for computers?

It is a trend that we will see on the rise, because from PlayStation want to bring more games to PC. As usual, the port has support for ultrawide monitors, Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR, and more.

We encourage you to see our analysis of God of War on PC, where we said: “God of War lands on PC with a great port, very smooth and fluid, with improved graphics and various options and settings […]

It doesn’t finish taking advantage of all the raw fish tank power (there is no ray tracing) and the control with mouse and keyboard we don’t finish liking“.

Although in the version via Proton there is a slight stutter with Nvidia graphics. As always, these are initial situations that can be resolved with a little patience.

Once this is fixed, Steam will get you ready for your laptop. We know that many will be more than expectant for the Valve machine to arrive to try this and many other games.

Of course, we insist, for a much more bearable experience, it is best to wait a little longer. In GamingOnLinux they speak of a slight desynchronization of the lips with the audio of the game.

If it happens to any of you, the author says that by adding “PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60 %command%” to the launch options of the game on Steam; it seems that it was solved.

Meanwhile, it appears that Portal 2 is the first game verified for the Steam Deck in Valve’s database and it is confirmed that the first units will start shipping at the end of February.

You can buy god of war for pc via Steam or through Humble Store.

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