Leonardo DiCaprio tried to get Jonah Hill to become a fan of The Mandalorian but he didn’t succeed

Leonardo DiCaprio tried to get Jonah Hill to become a fan of The Mandalorian but he didn't succeed

Apparently, the actors of Do not look up, do not share the same taste for series and movies.

Do you know that feeling when you show a friend or acquaintance a series or movie that you love and their reaction is a simple “meh? Well more or less that’s what actor Leonardo DiCaprio had to feel when he started to watch the series The Mandalorian with his friend and partner Jonah Hill.

Well even though Hill acknowledges that Baby Yoda seemed “adorable”, it did not connect at all with the series from Star Wars for Disney+. This is how the interpreter himself told it in an interview with W Magazine, in which he has revealed that he and Dicaprio, great friends since the filming of The Wolf of Wall Street, decided to live together in Boston during the filming of Don’t look up.

“I used to have a rule: if what happens can’t happen in reality, then I don’t watch it, because I completely lose interest. Leo made me watch The Mandalorian when we were shooting Don’t Look Up, and I was like: “Well Baby Yoda is adorable, but I don’t give a shit because I don’t understand a thing about what it’s about,” Hill confessed.

On the other hand, he could be right, because if you have never been interested in seeing anything from the Star Wars universe, perhaps entering the world of The Mandalorian is somewhat complicated. Which also shows that DiCaprio has more in common with his Don’t Look Up character than you might think. initially.

Well, in fact, in the movie his character boasts of being a big fan of Star Wars, a feature that seems to share with DiCaprio himself, who may also be watching the Disney + series of boba fett.

Don’t look up DiCaprio and Hill’s last film together premiered on December 24 on Netflix, where it is already a success for the platform.

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