Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – New Movie Skins Revealed With Ultimate New Broly and Gohan Included

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - New Movie Skins Revealed With Ultimate New Broly and Gohan Included

The news of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero do not stop happening and we already have new designs from the movie with us!

Next April 22 will be released in the land of the rising sun the new film by Goku and his friends. will bear the title of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Y Akira Toriyama He has been in charge of the story and much of the designs.

In addition, we have an incentive that has not left anyone indifferent… the feature film will be entirely CGI, a big bet Toei Animation for renewing the graphic aspect of the Z-Fighters, at least, at a cinematographic and punctual level! Will it become a norm for the series?

At the moment we can assure you that the animation will be safe, since the director will be, nothing more and nothing less, than chikashi kubota, one of the great artists of the series. In any case, there are still many unknowns surrounding the feature film.

Without going any further, new promotional designs have appeared that we will see below and… there are two models that they still cannot show! They deliberately cover them up in the merchandising lists with black images! will they be goten Y trunks teenagers?

To answer that question we will still have to wait a little longer. For now, we leave you two galleries full of new designs of the protagonists of the film.

It is nothing new, we had already seen it in previous trailers, but it is emphasized again that Broli will appear in the film Gohan It will be seen with its ultimate state. We insist, we had already commented on it in previous news, but now we see everything clearly in the new promotional designs. Behold!

To highlight above all the look of Gohan, who will wear a new messy hair in his base state to differentiate him much more from his appearance in the final level. Curiously, the hair in the base state resembles the one he wore when leaving the spirit room and the time in the saga of Cell.

Just below we leave you with another gallery where you can enjoy these new designs. What is your favourite? We stay with Gohan and the lovely Bread, even if krillin Police also have their point.

What a flurry of designs, and all in CGI! It is surprising that, despite being 3D designs, their finishes are very similar to 2D ones and there are hardly any differences. This says a lot about the graphic work they are doing with the film.

And so we end! Tomorrow we will return, like every Sunday, with a new Direct Z at 5:00 p.m. on our channels Youtube Y Twitter, as well as a new analysis of Dragon Ball Z. Double posting! ¡Kai, Kai!

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