Twitch emotes will now be free for fans too


Available immediately starting today, Twitch streamers and content creators can now start dishing out a small selection of your custom emotes or icons for free to your followers, without the need for them to be subscribed to their channels.

Specifically, streamers will now be able to configure up to five emotes that followers can use for free in their broadcasts and the rest of the channels on the platform. Also, these icons they can be updated and changed for new ones with total freedom, being able to select some of the emotes available in its limited levels for subscribers, or choosing from a selection of default icons created by Twitch itself.

Thus, although this function will be available to all channels, regardless of their size or regularity in the broadcasts, it is not a function available for 100% of accounts. And it is that the company has shared that to offer gestures of followers, the transmitter or owner of the channel must be eligible for uploads of emoticons, so the accounts of the creators may not have been suspended within the previous 60 days, among others exceptions. However, if we follow the basic rules of the platform, we should not have any problems.

This is an important change in the Twitch community, since until now channel specific icons were only available to subscribers, with the only possibility of unlocking some of them through the channels’ currency reward system, awarded to viewers based on their time spent watching said channels. In this way, the platform seeks to provide greater inclusivity to viewers of your community, even if you can’t afford the (recently adjusted) prices of monthly subscriptions.

We hope that this new measure will help foster this feeling of integration, helping to alleviate the still present problems of “hate raids” witnessed during the last year on the platform.

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