They calculate the size of the Elden Ring map: a fan estimates that the beta only occupied 13% of the total

They calculate the size of the Elden Ring map: a fan estimates that the beta only occupied 13% of the total

The Elden Ring map is going to be very big… How much? A very calculating fan has estimated that what was seen in the beta represented only 13% of this map. Take a look:

Little more to say remains about Elden Ring. The wait until February 25 is getting tough for PlayStation, Xbox and PC players, although luckily, FromSoftware launched that beta a few months ago that allowed us to experience the proposal of this game for ourselves and discover much more.

The open world of Elden Ring is the great asset of Miyazaki to attract a good number of players. As it is a level design different from everything we have seen in the Japanese studio, its map will be decisive.

In the beta we were already able to see a fairly large area of ​​it, but it was limited, so it was not possible to experience the magnitude of Elden Ring. However, the map showed that there was much more beyond Stormshroud Keep and Necrolimbo.

Therefore, a fan known on Reddit as AdLivTho has been calculating and has estimated that the beta stage was only 13% of the entire game map.

This figure is taken as a reference of what we know so far, which means that it cannot be certified as something one hundred percent reliable. Despite this, if we accept the calculations as valid, we are talking about a really big extension.

Despite the commendable work of this fan, it is also important to clarify that an important part of the game’s map is underground. The beta confirmed to us that dungeons and caves are also an important part of the Midlands.

Therefore, we will still have to wait to see what is the true size of the elden ring map. We will be able to die in many more places!

As we have already mentioned, the open world is the basic pillar on which this game is based and Miyazaki has already made it clear. The title will get players to explore, take an interest in the world, and have fun.

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