The Godfather returns to theaters to celebrate its 50th anniversary: ​​an offer you can't refuse

The Godfather returns to theaters to celebrate its 50th anniversary: ​​an offer you can’t refuse

Put down the phone, grab the cannoli, because The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, returns to theaters this 2022 to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Few, very few films reach the legendary category that The Godfather obtained and that, to this day, it maintains without problems.

The masterpiece of Fancris Ford Coppola premiered in theaters in 1972, captivating millions of viewers with the dramatic and ruthless story of the Corleone family.

The world of the Mafia elegantly burst onto the big screen with a film that breathes the seventh art from every pore and is essential for any movie lover who has a minimum of good taste.

2022 is going to be a very special year for The Godfather, not only for the original film, but for the entire trilogy, which will arrive on Blu-Ray 4k UHD this year.

But we have not come to talk about that, but about the re-release of the original film in theaters for a limited time that Paramount Pictures is preparing.

We leave you (above) the Godfather revival trailer with a very special greeting from Francis Ford Coppola, who invites you to relive, or live for the first time, a unique cinematographic experience.

It will be from February 25 when this masterpiece of cinema returns to the big screen with a version restored from over 300 roll film cans, from which the best cuts have been selected to guarantee the best resolution quality on the screen.

The Godfather - 50th Anniversary

More than 4,000 hours have been spent restoring the negative, removing blemishes and correcting tears in the footage. Francis Ford Coppola himself has supervised the entire restoration process.

If you are too young to have experienced The Godfather on the big screen, or simply want to repeat an unparalleled cinephile experience once again, you should not miss the opportunity to fall in love with Don Vito, Michael and the rest of the famous, and infamous, Corleone family.





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