Sega registers the trademark “Sega NFT” in Japan

Sega continues to flirt with NFT technology. The Japanese company has registered the “Sega NFT” trademark in its country in the midst of divisive statements.

NFTs have expanded a lot since spring 2020, but they continue to maintain and generate doubts in the video game industry community. We talk about the players and players, not the companies.

Sega was one of the first companies to jump on the boat. However, the complaints and criticism that have rained down from the board decided to paralyze their NFTs in the face of these “negative reactions” from the players.

And precisely after knowing this we have been able to know that Sega has registered the trademark “Sega NFT” with the Japan Patent Office. It must be said that this mark was requested at the end of December.

Does this mean that Sega will move forward with its NFT plans? Many are confused given Satomi’s statements, who commented that would evaluate plans between Sega and NFT technology if this was perceived by users as a simple way to earn money.

In terms of NFT, we would like to try various experiments and have already started many different studies and considerations, but nothing is decided at the moment regarding P2E (pay to earn)commented the directive.

We need to carefully evaluate many things, for example, how can we mitigate negative elements, how much can we introduce this into Japanese regulation, what will be accepted and what will not be accepted by users, continued. You’ll have to keep waiting.

NFTs seem linked to controversy. Just today we have been able to learn that Troy Baker, the original voice of Joel in The Last of Us, has partnered with an NFT company and it hasn’t taken long for criticism to rain down on him. What do you think about this whole divisive issue?

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