Pokimane suffers a hate raid, and the community turns against machismo on Twitch

Pokimane suffers a hate raid, and the community turns against machismo on Twitch

Pokimane suffered a hate raid on Twitch and had to close her stream. The case reopens the debate on the platform’s protection of female content creators, victims of machismo.

pokimane is one of the biggest stars on Twitch, and was the victim this week of one of the “hate raids” that Twitch promised to eradicate. On January 12, the 25-year-old streamer had to shut down his Valorant stream due to the mass entry of haters, many with sexist comments.

The “hate raid” came from the streamer JiDion. When she had to cancel her broadcast, remarkably dismayed, many peers showed their support. His partner Disguided Toast pointed out the abusive treatment that Pokimane received in networks for being a woman.

If I get banned, they’ll tell me ‘what an idiot’. If they ban poki, they’ll tell her “STUPID IDIOT BITCH DON’T MAKE CONTENT WEAR MAKEUP UGLY FATToast denounced.

Two days before the incident, Pokimane had been banned for two days from Twitch for participating in a controversial activity, popularized among many streamers, reacting by watching series or anime. In his case, he was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Toast acknowledges that you can criticize someone for live anime, but what isIt’s unacceptable to use that as an excuse to be hostile and harass her with hateful and sexist messages, to the point of having to abandon the direct.

Other streamers, like Valkyrae, also supported Pokimane, lamenting the misogyny that still prevails in the industry.

Pokimane (whose twitter account it’s private) made a new stream the next day entitled “join if you love women”.

JiDion, the streamer who started the “hate raid”, was banned from Twitch for 14 days. On twitter, published a text regretting what happened. “My ideal is always to make myself the target of the joke, but I put the target on others, which goes against my beliefs“.

Pokimane was the third most viewed female streamer in 2021 (behind Amouranth). This case has reopened the debate on the need for Twitch to better protect content creators, vulnerable to rampant machismo on the Internet.

Demand greater preventive measures before cases of hate attacks on Twitch was the reason for a creators strike on the platform last September 2021. Twitch responded with measures allowing creators to restrict other users from entering chat.

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