Persona 6 would be exclusive to PS5, and Persona 4 Golden would arrive in 2022, according to an insider

Persona 6 would be exclusive to PS5, and Persona 4 Golden would arrive in 2022, according to an insider

A new rumor once again places a port of Persona 4 Golden on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this year… and a future Persona 6 that would be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

The Persona franchise had never reached these heights of popularity after the release of Persona 5 on PS4, and its improved version Person 5 Royal, exceeding 5 million copies sold worldwide.

It is not surprising that Atlus wants to continue exploiting the IP with more deliveries, and they are already working on Persona 6, with which they want to “exceed the excellence” of Persona 5.

According to a rumor shared by Nate the Hate on his podcast, a reasonably reliable insider, Persona 6 is in development and will once again be a PlayStation exclusive. Specifically, it would launch on PS5, scrapping an intergenerational release on PS4 (Persona 5 also came out on PS3).

Before this Persona 6 can come out, Atlus will continue to fuel the franchise with spin-offs and re-adaptations of its previous installments. And the one that sounds the most is a port of Person 4 Golden for PS4 and Switch.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a Persona 4 Golden re-release on modern Sony and Nintendo consoles. Nate assures that Persona 4 Golden will be released this year 2022 on Switch and PS4.

For this year the one that is confirmed (and comes out in March) is Persona 4 Ultimax Arena the spin-off of Persona 4 in the form of a fighting game, also on PC, PS4 and Switch. It’s strange that Atlus wants to release the port of the spin-off before the port of the main game, but this way you can get familiar with its characters.

Persona 4 Golden came out in PS Vita in 2012, as an expanded version of Persona 4, which originally came out in 2008 for PS2.

If this rumor is true, the Persona saga will keep PlayStation exclusivity at the launch of its main deliveries. The opposite occurs with the sister series, Shin Megami Tensei, whose latest installment came out exclusively for Switch.

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