James Gunn Designed The Cool Peacemaker Intro So You’ll Never Want To Skip It

James Gunn Designed The Cool Peacemaker Intro So You'll Never Want To Skip It

James Gunn has made such a cool intro to The Peacemaker with the idea that no one wants to skip it.

Wednesday landed in hbo max The Peacemaker (Peacemaker), the first original series of the DC Extended Universe for the streaming platform that continues with the events of the movie The Suicide Squad.

Although there was some controversy among the fans because the series was only in the original version with subtitles, the platform has put its batteries into action and has already corrected the serious problem with The Peacemaker, having the episodes with the audio in Spanish.

Among all that the The Peacemaker series, without a doubt one of the most exciting moments is the intro of the series itself, with a very cool and cool theme accompanied by the entire main cast dancing.

The idea of ​​making such a cool intro is nothing more than the fact that the viewer does not want to skip it and enjoy it in each of the episodes of The Peacemaker.

This has been made clear James Gunn, creator of the series, in a recent interview for Polygon, explaining why the The Peacemaker intro. How? What have you not seen yet? And what are you waiting for? You can take a look at the intro through the following video.

“I wanted to do a dance number where everyone did something incredibly ridiculous, and looked incredibly serious while doing it,” the filmmaker said, stating that it was a way to “beat the skip forward button” and thus encourage the audience. viewer to stay and watch the credits.

Of course, he has more than succeeded, since between the cool song and seeing the entire cast dancing, the last thing we want to do is skip the intro.

What did you think of the The Peacemaker opening theme? Do not hesitate to share your opinions in our comments section.

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