Game developers asked Sony to release their games on PC, says Cory Barlog

Game developers asked Sony to release their games on PC, says Cory Barlog

God of War has just arrived on PC, and according to its director Cory Barlog, it was a group of developers who asked Sony to open up to the PC market.

the launch of God of War on PC It allows a whole new audience to enjoy one of the best games of recent years… and for those who already played it on PS4 in 2018, to rediscover it with spectacular technical improvements, especially if you have ultra-wide monitors.

The gradual arrival of first party games from playstation to pc seemed unthinkable a few years ago, and has been met with criticism by some fans. However, the decision for Sony to release their games on PC as well was something that the designers themselves wanted.

In an interview for gameinformer, the game director, Cory Barlog, answered this when asked how much influence developers had on Sony’s decision to open up to the PC market: “I think it was a group of studies all saying this was a really good idea.“.

In the end, he reached a turning point. We had submitted so many suggestions that in the end they were like ‘we’re tired of hearing this, ok, let’s do it‘. It is a process. We’re still testing as a company and individual studios how we’re going to do this and what the process and strategy will be.“.

Both Barlog and the head of technical production Matt DeWald they are excited that new players can play it. “we sold almost 20 million, something like 19.5 million copies on console, but it is surprising to hear that there are still people who have never played it. And if you haven’t played it on console by now, you probably won’t..”

However, this does not mean that god of war ragnarok is going to come out on PC, or at least Barlog doesn’t know, because it does not depend on him. “Right now, we look at it game by game determining if people would enjoy it, if we did it right, if we did it wrong, what can we improve in the future… But in the end, it’s up to Sony.”

What they did say is that several of the improvements and accessibility options included in the God of War PC port will carry over to the next PS5 and PS4 release.

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