Battlefield 2042 sigue hundiéndose sin remedio

Battlefield 2042 keeps sinking hopelessly

Not a Christmas without a disappointing launch. In 2020 it was Cyberpunk 2077, and in 2021 the award went to Battlefield 2042. Both games are triple A, in both cases there were great expectations before their release, and after their release both have garnered an endless stream of negative reviews, with only a few users pointing out the positive aspects and/or the possibilities for improvement. the same in the medium term.

And now they also have another element in common. And it is that if many stores began offering the refund for the CD Projekt Red title last year, now it is Steam who has decided to offer that possibility to players who bought Battlefield 2042 and have ended up most disappointed with DICE’s development of the EA franchise. And it’s important to remember that this is not turkey mucus.

As a general rule, Steam only allows the return of games with very strict conditions, referring both to the time elapsed since the purchase, and the time that the player has dedicated to it. 14 days and less than two hours, respectively, are the limits set by Valve for allowing returns. However, in the case of Battlefield 2042, the company has decided to skip that limitation, allowing any player to return it, even if they bought it more than 14 days ago and played it for more than two hours.

A quite understandable exception, on the other hand, is that if a few days after its launch the negative review count, only on Steam, already added more than 39,500 mostly negative reviews, at the time of writing this news the profile of Battlefield 2042 in the valve store indicates there are 116,042 mostly negative reviews. And what’s worse, in a few minutes of reviewing it, I’ve already found several upvoted reviews that were actually sarcastic (like one whose content is the Wellington sirloin recipe).

A few weeks after its launch, EA assigned Battlefield 2042 to the boss of Apex Legends, in order to try to solve the crisis that began after the launch of the game. But nevertheless, the multiple problems of the title are not something that can be solved quickly, and there are many users who are not willing to wait to see if EA is able to solve all the problems, something that will still take a few months to happen in any case.

Thus, the volume of players of the PC version on Steam has not stopped falling. As we can view on SteamCharts, ni’m not even able to reach 10,000 concurrent players, something that should be a piece of cake for a triple A franchise as popular as this one. It’s hard to understand that DICE and EA considered that Battlefield 2042 was ready to hit the market, and to underestimate the reactions that a bad launch could provoke.





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