Among Us will receive Ghostface skins, with the new Scream movie in theaters

Among Us will receive Ghostface skins, with the new Scream movie in theaters

Among Us will receive a collaboration with free skin of Ghostface, from the movie Scream, which has already been released in theaters. And its protagonists play it!

This weekend the fifth part of scream, one of the most famous horror sagas of recent cinema. To celebrate, Paramount has teamed up on a crossover with another of the most popular horror games of the past year: Among Us.

Horror Among Us?? I think this is a discussion we could have. After all, the scares when you get stabbed in the back, or that tension when you’re alone with another crew member and you don’t know if it’s the impostor, makes your hair stand on end much more than some AAA blockbusters with an infinite budget.

The fact is that they have soon announced a skin that includes a Ghostface hat, the psychopath from Scream. And the best thing is that the DLC will be released for free, although it does not have a date yet.

To celebrate, the protagonists of the new Scream have been recorded playing a game: Jack Quaid and Mason Gooding together with the influencers Tina Kitten, 5Upps, Noah J, Kara Corvus, and Chilled Chaos. You can watch the full video (more than 20 minutes) in this link.

Interestingly, this is the first collaboration with an Among Us movie, a game that has been on the crest of a wave for a year and a half, like a viral phenomenon that is still incredibly popular.

Incredibly, this week we also learned that Among Us is getting a manga adaptation, coming out in February. Can you imagine if they made an Among Us movie?

for now, Scream is in theaters now, with the return of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, as well as new characters like Jack Quaid (The Boys). they run it Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (V/H/S, The Devil’s Heir, Wedding Night), with a script by Kevin Williamson, the same as the previous ones. Here you can read our review of Scream.

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