Keychron Q2 teclado mecanico

Keychron Q2, a basic, compact and colorful mechanical keyboard

More and more are choosing to change their membrane keyboards in favor of models with mechanical switches, not only within gaming, but also for work and productivity. And it is not necessary to resort to these ostentatious models to find a quality device like the Keychron Q2, the latest addition to the Chinese manufacturer.

This is the first update and second generation of its popular compact mechanical keyboard, further reducing its 75% design by a TKL (Ten Key Less) format reduced to 65%. The new model features a fully customizable design, meaning users can adjust and swap each component to meet their specific needs.

Thus, the use of a few PBT keycaps for the entire keyboard, with a matte and non-gloss color design, with an RGB backlight system inside your body. Furthermore, its frame is constructed entirely from CNC-machined 6063 aluminum, including double joints and an interchangeable key design, bolt-on stabilizers, and QMK/VIA compatibility along with with a bluetooth wireless connectivity system.

However, its small form factor doesn’t detract from its usefulness, with a variety of dual-function keys, a dedicated switch on the back of the keyboard that allows users to quickly switch between Windows and Mac keyboard layouts, and even a small wheel. in its upper right corner to control the general volume of the computer.

Currently we can already find the Keychron Q2 available on the brand’s website, being offered in three color combinations of Navy, Charcoal Black, and Space Gray, and extensive customization with three switch options for a fully assembled keyboard (with or without a knob) at the full price of $169, or a basic “barebone” version for a price of just $149.





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