Final Fantasy VII Remake fixes bugs and stabilizes resolution for 90fps (or higher) on PC

Final Fantasy VII Remake fixes bugs and stabilizes resolution for 90fps (or higher) on PC

Square Enix updates Final Fantasy VII Remake (PC) to version 1,001, with no big news in sight, but stabilizing the resolution at a frame rate of 90.

The epic adventure of Cloud, Barret, Aeris and company is now available on compatible. After dazzling us on PS4 and PS5, Final Fantasy VII Remake can be enjoyed on PC (here you can read our analysis).

In general, it is an excellent port of the Square Enix JRPG, which rescues the novelties released for PS4 and improves the technical section of the title. Yes indeed, it is not without errors and certain bugs.

In order to fix them, Square Enix has released the 1001 patch. for Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC, without major news but correcting some aspects that players did not like.

Through its official website, the Japanese company has detailed the contents of this patch, which can now be downloaded from the Epic Games Store. Especially, added technical stabilization.

The most notorious (and that we will realize instantly) is that subtitles are displayed in English by default, something we can easily change. Errors and bugs have also been corrected, although which ones have not been detailed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated PC

Without a doubt, the most interesting novelty of the patch is that stabilized the resolution of Final Fantasy VII Remake when playing at 90fps. Specifically, it has to do with dynamic resolution scaling.

What does this mean? well what fixed some mismatches that appeared when playing at 90fps (or higher) to the title. Now the resolution scales more accurately, with better stability and adapting to the frame rate per second.

This is great news for PC gamers, who can also enjoy 4K resolution, ultrawide screen support, HDR, keyboard and mouse support, and performance up to 120 fps.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available for compatible, as a temporary exclusivity of the Epic Games Store. Of course, you will have to take out your wallet if you want to buy it, because it is sold at 79.99 euros, as Square Enix’s new pricing policy.





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