Red Dead Online players express dissatisfaction with lack of news and ask Rockstar for more communication

Red Dead Online players express dissatisfaction with lack of news and ask Rockstar for more communication

Red Dead Online players are asking Rockstar for answers and communication. They complain about lack of news and have made a TT to the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline.

The Red Dead Online players express their dissatisfaction with the lack of news and ask Rockstar for further communication. They are not happy about the way the company is handling the updates.

Red Dead Redemption 2 may have been widely accepted by critics and was a success, but that does not go with Red Dead Online. Many fans of the multiplayer model criticize the lack of news on Twitter with frustration and discontent.

Especially in content by Rockstar and if you compare it to GTA Online and its recent free story update. These days, many have tried to draw the attention of the study in RRSS with the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline.

The main problems are the fact that there is little novelty and, when there is, it is lower than in GTA Online. The last one was in July 2021, Blood money, with complaints that they update more GTA, as read in GamingBolt.

Another thing fans are complaining about is the lack of communication from the studio. They say that Rockstar should at least give a roadmap so they can know what will come to the game in the future.

The studio is still silent, but some tweets like this they’re clear: “Decide that you no longer support the game […] You don’t even bother to give more weekly updates and focus on GTAO“.

Or also this: “RDR2 has one of the best and most detailed worlds open to date. Don’t throw away such incredible potential. You are very fortunate to have such a passionate community“.

The cowboy game already has this viral hashtag -inform Polygon– to ask for answers to Rockstar. But what they at least want is an explanation of what is happening with the game.

And many recent complaints, that in fact everything has come from this, was as a result of the announcement of last January 6. A disappointment because it focused on experience points and game money bonuses.

Are you telling me that more than 2/3 of the new content / monthly bonus is 2 years old? You want the community to play content from two years ago so they can get money to spend on … what?“, you can read in another tweet.

One thing is clear and that players want answers because many customers want more Red Dead. And that, with respect to the GTA Online deal, makes them much more enraged and they are not happy at all.

Yes, a western environment is not the same as GTA, but there is room for new professions, missions, campaigns and even crimes. A lot of potential ahead that these fans think he deserves “save“.

Although of the complaints Y discouragement, there are who they have not lost hope. And you, what do you think can make Rockstar with Red Dead Online?

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