FIFA 22: Team Headliners 2 with Vinicius, Salah …

FIFA 22: Team Headliners 2 with Vinicius, Salah ...

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These are all the new Headliners cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with players of the stature of Vinicius, Salah, Kimmich or Joselu.

FIFA 22 is one of the most popular games of the moment, and much of the blame is Ultimate Team. The new installment incorporates news for this mode, as we explained at the time.

EA Sports launches the usual TOTW (team of the week), as well as other special cards (Group stage of Champions or Europa League, for example) for all the outstanding footballers of the world.

On this occasion, we are going to talk to you about Headliners. These special cards for Ultimate Team have just been updated with new footballers, some of them as famous as Vinicius or Mohamed Salah.

If you want to be up to date in Ultimate Team and know what the new cards are like, get to know the Headliners 2 Team for FIFA 22: Vinicius, Salah and many others.

FIFA 22: Team Headliners 2 with Vinicius, Salah …

Headliners cards are special models for each selected player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Of course, they have best rating and statistics than base cards.

These cards are updated frequently, either because a player has entered the Team of the Week, or for its great moment of form. In addition, variables such as team performance or Man of the Match awards enter.

Of course, you should know that these letters are not repeated. That is, if Van Dijk has entered the first batch of Headliners cards, will not appear again in a second batch, despite the sporting merits that he does.

FIFA 22 Headliners

On December 31, EA Sports released the first batch of updated Headliners cards, among which players such as Mbappé, Reece James, Carrasco, Nkunku or Koulibaly.

And, as expected, the new Headliners cards for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team are now available. These will be available until next Friday, January 14. They are as follows:

  • Salah (93)
  • Joao Cancelo (90)
  • Kimmich (91)
  • Vinicius Jr (88)
  • Laborde (88)
  • Barella (88)
  • Watkins (86)
  • Shoe (85)
  • Theate (85)
  • Ramsdale (85)
  • Joselu (84)
  • Aritz Elustondo (84)

What is the most remarkable thing about Headliners 2? Well, to begin with, the best letter is that of Salah, which reaches a 93 rating. Of course, prepare a good amount of coins to get it.

Also noteworthy is the Vinicius rhythm 99, which makes the Real Madrid footballer a real madness. The new balance of Joao Cancelo is not negligible either.


Two other very interesting (and less expensive) cards are those of Barella and Kimmich, who will make your Ultimate Team team a real beast. All of them are available in envelopes until January 14.

Headliners’ prices are pretty hefty. If we speak at a general level, getting the letter from Kylian Mbappé will require you between 3.5 and 4.5 million coins, while Salah is the most expensive card in the Premier.

Unfortunately, Vinicius’s letter (possibly the third best) costs between 1.5 and 2 million coins, so we are in the same. Prices vary depending on your version of FIFA 22.


However, there are three very good Headliners 2 cards and they are not overly expensive. We talk about the letters of Ramsdale (11,000 coins), Elustondo and Joselu (both for 12,000 coins).

Another very good option are Headliners Squad Building Challenges. You can get good cards (some exclusive) for your team if you complete certain objectives in Ultimate Team.

For example, you can get Dimitri Payet, Julian Brandt or Benrahma with the DCP Headliners, but also the imposing Denis Zakaria or to the defense of Freiburg, Nico Schlotterbeck.

All these new Headliners 2 cards are available in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, along with the first batch released by EA Sports. You can play the title on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Stadia, and PC.

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