This official PlayStation store uses Mario and Bowser to promote PS5

This official PlayStation store uses Mario and Bowser to promote PS5

It seems that this PlayStation store in China needs the invaluable help of Bowser and Mario to sell PS5.

China is one of the main video game markets, and we can find most of the consoles that we can also buy in our country, and the imminent arrival of the Nintendo Switch OLED to Chinese territory, PS5 also takes a while, where it is sold in certain official stores and other channels.

And apparently an official PlayStation store in China, specifically the one located in Guangzhou, is promoting the recent launch of PS5 with two cardboard figures of characters that do not belong, far from it, to Sony.

The curious image has been shared by Daniel ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, on his Twitter account and has gone viral. So we can see that the official PlayStation store in this city has PS5 in the window and Mario and Bowser at the entrance.

If it were a multiplatform video game store there would be nothing strange about it, but being a supposed official PlayStation store it is really curious that they use Nintendo characters to decorate the entrance.

It is unknown if it is a joke of someone who has been able to place these figures to take the photo, or if the posters really belong to the store, but it is clear that their presence has been missed by thousands of people in networks.

Be that as it may, this form of promotion in China is very curious, a territory that on previous occasions has left a multitude of curiosities mixing characters or platforms in a series of unofficial products, but that is another story.

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