The composer for Rogers: The Musical understands fans' frustration with Hawkeye's post-credits scene

The composer for Rogers: The Musical understands fans’ frustration with Hawkeye’s post-credits scene

The composer for Rogers: The Musical Marc Shaiman understands the frustration fans have had with the post-credits scene of Hawkeye. Beware, SPOILERS below!

2021 ended very Christmas in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Hawk’s Eye, the series centered on the popular archer where he was presented Kate bishop, a character that will undoubtedly have special relevance in the future of the saga.

One of the great surprises of the Hawkeye series was to see again Vincent D’Onofrio embody Kingpin, thus confirming the rumors that were circulating around the possible return of the character of Daredevil.

With the fate of Wilson fisk somewhat uncertain, fans hoped to know what happened to Kingpin after that shot in the Hawkeye post credits scene.

However, to everyone’s surprise, what was shown in said sequence was the entire scene of Rogers: The Musical, showing all the song that we see in episode 1 of Hawkeye, but without the jumps of plane to see Clint barton reminding Natasha romanoff.

Although it goes ahead that the the avengers musical It is very hard, it is understandable that many fans expected to see more of Kingpin in the post credits scene, as well as that they would show some clue of where the plot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is something that he understands to himself Marc shaiman, composer and co-lyricist of Rogers: The Musical. In a recent interview for Reverse, Shaiman revealed that he understands the frustration fans have with Hawkeye’s post-credits scene.

“I understand that there are many people who would have hoped and wanted the post credits scene to be a new nucleus of what will happen next in the MCU. I completely understand it,” commented the composer. “But it’s been hard to know that by doing our job well, we did something that not everyone likes. It’s been almost bittersweet, but being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is insane.”

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