Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung Odyssey Ark, a curved monitor placed vertically Spectacular!

CES 2022. Most computer monitors still use flat panels, but a few years ago curved panels were introduced and it is a great pleasure for those of us who use them, especially in large diagonals where the greater immersion they offer is noticeable since the field of view is wider. and they also require reducing distortion at the edges of the screen.

But, Is there a market for a vertically positioned curved monitor? The Samsung Odyssey Ark is willing to find out. Although the South Korean firm has not provided all the details, we know what it’s about of a model with a huge diagonal, 55-inch, native 4K resolution. and aspect ratio 16: 9.

The degree of curvature is quite high as you can see in the images, minimum 1,000RWhat’s new is that the screen can be turned to one side and used in a vertical position. Samsung says that all this will provide a «optimal comfort«, What should do«perfect for people who do everything from editing to playing games at home«.

A rare position to play, no matter how much “cockpit mode” it offers and quite uncomfortable to handle thinking about the user’s neck. It is not the first that can be placed vertically, but It is not something you would expect to find on a monitor so curved and with such a beastly diagonal. ANDso yes, it is undeniable that it looks absolutely spectacular.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is adjustable for height, pivot and tilt, and the company insists that the ‘multi-view’ of the 16: 9 screen uses a ” format to suit the game or show without compromising your 4K display and bright, colorful pictures«. It also has a physical dial-type controller to manage lighting and interface.

No date of availability or price has been provided for this Samsung Odyssey Ark, although taking into account that the more standard Neo G9 costs $ 2,500 you can imagine it won’t be economical. If you want something more ‘normal’, Samsung has also presented at CES the Odyssey Neo G8, a large monitor with 32 inches, 4K resolution and 240 Hz refresh rate.





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