New images from the Uncharted movie, with Tom Holland on a treasure hunt

New images from the Uncharted movie, with Tom Holland on a treasure hunt

A couple of new images from the Uncharted movie show us Nathan Drake’s iteration of Tom Holland on the trail of treasure.

After Spider-Man: No Way Home has been a box office shock, Tom holland It will return to theaters in February 2022.

This time it will be with Uncharted, the adaptation of the prolific video game franchise of Naughty dog about the treasure hunter Nathan drake.

In video games, Drake hunts for priceless treasures in the style of other icons such as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, perfectly capturing the essence of adventure movies and video games.

After overcoming various obstacles over the years, the Uncharted adaptation gained momentum following the arrival of Ruben fleischer, director of Welcome to Zombieland or Venom.

Tom Holland signed for the film to play Nathan Drake as a young man, as the film will serve as a prequel to video games.

For his part, after being proposed to play Drake himself, Mark Wahlberg will give life to Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Nathan’s mentor.

Complete the main cast Sophia ali, who will play Chloe frazer in the Uncharted movie.


The new promotional images of the film that you have shared Total Film They show us Nathan Drake on a treasure hunt.

The first one has Nathan and Chloe in a cave that appears to house, or be underneath, an ancient temple.


In the other image we see Nathan Drake at the helm of a boat in one of the scenes that were filmed in Europe, we cannot say if they are the ones that were filmed in Jávea (Xàbia).

Just yesterday a clip with the plane scene that we will see in the Uncharted movie hit the net, which is a great demonstration of the effort that has been made for the film to evoke the feeling that Naughty Dog video games emanate.

If there are no last minute changes, The Uncharted movie will hit Spanish theaters on February 11, 2022.

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