New details on Kojima’s upcoming games: ” an AAA everyone will want to play ” and a smaller project

New details on Kojima's upcoming games: '' an AAA everyone will want to play '' and a smaller project

The Japanese genius gives small touches of his new projects, in an interview with the Wonderful World of Game Music program on NHK Radio.

Hideo kojima He is one of the great geniuses of the video game industry. He left us speechless with Death Stranding in 2019, but it seems that Kojima Productions is preparing new projects.

A few days ago it was confirmed in an enigmatic tweet, after leaving everyone in suspense with a somewhat atypical Christmas greeting. Nor should we forget the rumors about a collaboration with Xbox.

What is clear is that Hideo Kojima is preparing two new video games, and one of them it will be a AAA In all rules. Not only that, but the Kojima entertainment division works on movies, television series and other products.

Yesterday we had a first surprise: Death Stranding Director’s Cut will arrive on PC, after its successful launch on PS5. At the moment there is no news about a possible launch on Xbox.

In an interview with NHK Radio (in the program Wonderful World of Game Music), Kojima gave small brushstrokes of his upcoming projects … so pay close attention.

On the one hand we have Hideo Kojima’s big AAA, of which we only know that it could belong to an existing IP. The genius himself assures that ”It’s a great AAA title that everyone will say they want to play

Hideo kojima

Regardless of this new title (which could well be a sequel to Death Stranding, or a revival of Silent Hill), we now know that Kojima prepares a smaller project.

This little game by Kojima it will neither be a shooter nor an open world game, but at the moment we do not know anything else. All we know is that it will differ greatly from the AAA project from Hideo’s studio.

As we already know, Kojima Productions has inaugurated its own film and entertainment division. Kojima’s love of cinema is known to all, and seeing a Death Stranding movie in the future is not out of the question.

In the shadows rumors keep rising about Kojima’s ” cloud game ”. It is said that Microsoft is negotiating with Kojima Productions the development of this title, although unexpected twists are not ruled out.

Hideo Kojima is back, and it is that Death Stranding was only the first step his career separately (after his departure from Konami). What AAA does Hideo prepare? Will Silent Hills return? We will find out in the coming months …

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