New trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a “street symphony” inspired by Jet Set Radio

New trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a "street symphony" inspired by Jet Set Radio

The new Bomb Rush Cyberfunk trailer reveals new sports like BMX, skateboarding or inline in this Jet Set Radio-inspired “street symphony”.

Team Reptile kicks off the year with a new trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a game that is very reminiscent of the classic Jet Set Radio, that is, stunts, grinding on rails, graffiti, skates and also urban bikes, as revealed in this video. It will be released in 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch as a temporary exclusive.

Dion Koster, the director of Team Reptile, a Dutch indie studio, has accompanied the trailer explaining the addition of BMX.

“As you know, BRC is a game about the street. Wherever you are from, you may have grown up near a skate park, engraved your name on the trash cans at school, hung out at the mall, before going home to do extreme tricks in your favorite game. “

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a great street symphony of all those sensations. In that spirit, I have decided to add skateboarding, BMX and inline skating to the game.. “

With this teaser we send you a notice, the way you move is important. Style isn’t just about looks. Many tricks are obtained by scoring points and doing combos around the stageThe new street sports seen in the trailer, skateboarding, inline and BMX include real tricks.

This year, we are going to go full throttle to finish the game. Thanks for your patience!“. The music that we will hear throughout the game, a very important part of the game’s personality, is from Hideki naganuma, the composer of SEGA’s original Jet Ser Radio.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is still scheduled for 2022, and will be released on PC and as a temporary exclusive for consoles on Nintendo Switch. His previous trailer was seen on an Indie World broadcast.

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