The heartwarming reaction of a gamer parent to receiving a PS5 as a Christmas present

The heartwarming reaction of a gamer parent to receiving a PS5 as a Christmas present

This father receives the best gift he could hope for, a PlayStation 5 that he had been trying to get for months and now has as a Christmas present.

The first batch of Christmas gifts have already happened, but there is still the great bulk of the gifts that will be given on January 6 with the arrival of the Magi, and it is clear that one of the most important technological gifts that can be to do is a new game console, devices that are not easy to find at this time.

And if you want to give someone a huge surprise, it is clear that trying to give a PlayStation 5, right now impossible to find in stores, is the best gift that can be done, and many users are recording these moments of gift delivery in videos that they are going viral.

The latest video relating to a gift from a PS5 to a gamer father makes us see that this type of action will be remembered for a lifetime and this man was lucky enough to receive from his own relatives the best gift he could wish for.

@stlaurent This was actually priceless. But gonna be tough as hell to top for next year #christmas ♬ Snowman – Sia

In the video, which has gone viral with more than 659,000 likes and more than 6400 comments, we can first see the father receive a copy of NHL 22 for PlayStation 5. The man is confused at first because he claims he has a PS4.

But shortly after, he already receives a wrapped gift, where it is intuited that it is a new PlayStation 5, giving the family the good news. The man, who is not expecting it, breaks down crying over a gift that he will surely not forget in his entire life.

So if you have been lucky enough to be able to give a gift of a PlayStation 5 this Christmas, or you have it well stored there to deliver it in the next few days, do not forget to record the event because it is sure to be very emotional.

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