The mythical Nintendo Sixty-FOUR!  is updated in Xbox Series X version

The mythical Nintendo Sixty-FOUR! is updated in Xbox Series X version

The best gift a video game-loving father and son can receive is a next-generation console, and so it has been with this Xbox Series X.

Christmas is the right time of year to make those gifts with which we can surprise our loved ones so much, and it is clear that obtaining one of the new video game consoles is a gift that children and adults love.

If you are already a certain age, surely you remember the charismatic boy who opened his Nintendo 64 console as a gift, and now a similar event has been repeated but with the Xbox Series X this Christmas 2021.

And it is that in this video shared on social networks, it shows how a woman has surprised both her husband and her son gifting them an Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Edition, and evidently causing the joy of his two loved ones.

In the video we can see how both her husband and her son begin to run all over the floor and jump for joy, and it is that they have been waiting for this moment for many months and it has come true thanks to his wife.

It is a publication that has gone viral with 5000 likes, and that even has been commented by his own Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Manager, who was delighted with the video. And it is that seeing several people receive a gift that makes them so happy, always causes good feelings.

So if for this Christmas you plan to give a new generation console to one of your loved ones, do not forget to immortalize the moment with a video, because it is likely to be remembered for a lifetime.





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