Goldeneye 007’s Xbox Achievements Leaked and Rumors of a 2022 Relaunch Break Out

They recreate the Nintendo 64's Goldeneye 007 in Far Cry 5 after 1,400 hours and three years of work

Will Goldeneye 007 be relaunched in 2022? Many James Bond fans have started speculating after the game’s achievement list was leaked on Xbox.

Goldeneye 007 is one of the most acclaimed shooters of all time. It was released a few decades ago and it is one of those games that in 2022 will be a few years old.

And given that it is 25 years since its premiere on Nintendo 64, it is not the first time that they appear rumors about a return of Bond, James Bond to the present and recently we have been able to witness more information about all this plot.

As the popular insider Wario64 revealed, the list of achievements of Goldeneye 007 has leaked. It is a list of 55 achievements where the campaign and multiplayer of this popular game are mentioned.

Of course, this doesn’t mean anything, but is one more clue about their rumored relaunch. In addition, announcements are expected from the franchise itself, since 007 turns 60 and it has already been commented from its official Twitter account that there will be important news in 2022.

As they point out from Exophase, a page that brings together a number of trophies and achievements from an immense number of games, the achievements of this Goldeneye would be for Xbox One. We remind you that there was already a game in development for Xbox Live Arcade by Rare that finally did not see the light.

Would you like to see Goldeneye 007 again? Speculation was sparked when more than two decades later, Goldeneye 007 was no longer banned in Germany. It has also been suggested that the mythical shooter could land on Nintendo Switch thanks to the N64 virtual console.

We will have to wait for the months to pass to see what all this leads to. Of course, we have Project 007 in mind, the new game in the saga that is in charge of the creators of the Hitman saga, IO Interactive and that has raised many expectations.

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