Fortnite Winterfest 2021: doubts about the last mystery gift of the Winter Festival

Fortnite Winterfest 2021: doubts about the last mystery gift of the Winter Festival

Perhaps there is an additional gift that you will be able to take to put the final finishing touch to the winter festival 2021

As happened in recent years, we have had the opportunity to open a lot of gifts in the cabin of the Fortnite winter festival 2021, bringing us rewards that have gone from skins, music tracks, graffiti and much more that you have surely already added to your inventory.

However, it seems that there is an additional gift, and that is that the development team, due to the latest problems that have existed with the servers, has wanted to thank the community with a hypothetical new gift that you will be able to claim in the next few hours before this particular Christmas cabin disappears.

So we tell you why there is an additional gift at the Winter Festival and what it could be.

Fortnite Winterfest 2021: doubts about the last mystery gift of the Winter Festival

And it is that the winter festival has been a success, and that has recently caused the Fortnite servers to be inactive for quite some time due to login problems.

That is why the development team wants to have a detail with the user community.

Although you have already been able to open up to 14 Christmas presents, due to the server problems of December 29, the development team seems to be working on something else.

At the moment Epic Games has confirmed that “Have you already opened all your gifts but still see an additional gift to open? You must be calm, we are working on that”.

So the doubt remains that they have finally reserved an additional gift, it is simply a bug in the game or they are going to compensate the community for the server crash in recent days with some additional XP as on other occasions. Possibly on January 6 we will know what it is about.

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