Warner wants sequels to San Andrés or Project Rampage but Dwayne Johnson is not for the work

Warner wants sequels to San Andrés or Project Rampage but Dwayne Johnson is not for the work

The studio wants to continue making sequels to some of Dwayne Johnson’s highest-grossing films, but the actor refuses to stretch the story further.

There is no doubt that Dwayne Johnson is one of the most profitable actors today, Well, there is no film in which it has appeared in the last decade that has not become a box office success, and that in the vast majority of occasions the specialized critics do not accompany them …

Without going any further, his latest film released in theaters, Jungle Cruise, managed to raise more than 220 million dollars, despite the fact that we are in a pandemic and that at that time theaters around the world were either closed or had reduced capacity.

For this reason, from Warner Bros they continue to be determined that Johnson stars in the sequels of several of its highest-grossing films of recent years, such as Project Rampage, which raised more than 428 million dollars, or San Andrés, which exceeded the 474 million dollars achieved worldwide. However, the actor is not for the work.

“We are very calculating what we want to count on, but if it were for the studies … there would be a sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth 2: The Mysterious Island, from San Andrés, from Proyecto Rampage“, he explains to Collider Johnson’s producer and friend, Hiram Garcia, “the studio wants sequels to all of those movies but we’ve always been very clear.

“Look, we’ve already told a great version of that story. Now we want to focus on something else.” It’s very funny because if DJ made a sequel to all his movies he would always be working. He is very selective about the aftermath. Of course, those of the Fast and Furious universe, or Jumanji … And we have big plans for the DC universe “, confessed the producer.

So if you were waiting for the giant white gorilla to return to the big screen with Dwayne Johnson, or that this one faces a new natural disaster, the best thing is that you look for a new saga.

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