Spider-Man: No Way Home - Octopus and Green Goblin VFXs were made almost from scratch

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Octopus and Green Goblin VFXs were made almost from scratch

According to one of the VFX supervisors, the archives of Sam Raimi films “no longer exist”.

Although Spider-Man: No Way Home wanted to tell an entirely new wall-crawler story, to do so, has had to use characters that we had already seen in previous films starring Peter Parker, such as Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin from the early Spider-Man films.

Two villains who have played the same actors who already gave them life in their day, and who are I had planned to represent exactly the same way that the two films that Sam Raimi directed did., a more complicated task than what was expected at first, since the VFX files on which they wanted to base “no longer exist”.

This has been revealed by the supervisor of digital effects of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Kelly Port, in an interview on Befores and afters, in which has explained the “tricks” they had to use so that both the Green Goblin and Octopus had the same appearance than in his first appearance on the big screen.

We didn’t have any digital designs from Raimi movies, they just don’t exist anymore. It is as if they have been erased from the world. But we did have physical designs that we could access that were very helpful. Like for example some claws and tentacles of the Doc Oc in addition to a lot of photos “, explained Port.

“We also scanned a Green Goblin costume. It wasn’t in very good shape but we scanned and tweaked it a bit. We couldn’t use a single digital design, because they don’t exist. Although in a way they would not have helped us much either because some of the systems that were used then are no longer valid. ”

Undoubtedly, a complicated and very meticulous job, since it is always more difficult to recreate what has been done previously than to make the movements or the appearance of comic characters from scratch. A work of the team of Spider-Man: No Way Home very well rewarded at the world box office.





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