One Halo Infinite player wins 100 consecutive matches in Free-for-All

One Halo Infinite player wins 100 consecutive matches in Free-for-All

Australian streamer Mint Blitz scores 100 consecutive victories in Halo Infinite’s free-for-all multiplayer mode, leaving the community speechless.

Halo Infinite is quite a sensation with its multiplayer mode. Regardless of the spectacular campaign, players continue to rock the different online modes on Xbox and PC.

Remember that Halo Infinite multiplayer is free, and does not require Xbox Live Gold to play. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store or via Xbox Game Pass.

Although these days we have shared some multiplayer errors (like the funny Oddball glitch), today we bring you a great feat that an Australian player has achieved (via Kotaku).

Known as Remy “Mint Blitz” in his home country, this streamer has made history with an incredible record: has won 100 consecutive games in free-for-all mode. Yes, 100 games.

It seems somewhat inhuman, but the Mint Blitz himself claims that not even his friends believed it, while jokingly they told him ”do not stress” when he was going for his 90th win.

You already know that the All Against All mode pit players against each other in every game. In the end, the one with the most casualties and the fewest deaths wins. Getting several is not too difficult, but we are talking about 100 wins.

Winning 100 games in a row was incredibly stressful. My friends, when I was hitting 90s, they’d say to me, ‘Oh, don’t drown on 100

Mint Blitz’s incredible streak ended with 105 consecutive victories, since at that time there was a Halo Infinite player who surpassed him in number of casualties. He humbly acknowledged it in his video.

To make matters worse, and to get into perspective of what this player has achieved, in the middle of the session your PC crashed. Far from panicking, the streamer was able to recover.

And, as a last note, in this hundred victories, Mint Blitz couldn’t use his usual tactic (sniper rifle)as not enough spawns at weapon spawn points.

Instead, this player turned to repulsor, one of the best features of Spartan armor in Halo Infinite. If you master this technique, you can be an expert playing the title of 343. What do you think of the feat of this Australian player?

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