Best Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Seeds 1.18.1 Jan 2022

Best Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Seeds 1.18.1 Jan 2022

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We bring together the best seeds we have found to start the year 2022 strong in Minecraft, and there is a lot of variety.

A new year begins, and with it a new compendium of seeds for Minecraft that you should try, a series of seeds that offer us adventures never seen before, for both beginners and veteran users, and that will allow you to start 2022 with a very good taste of mouth.

We wanted to start this 2022 by selecting some very particular seeds, with a lot of biomes, secrets and loot and all based on the new update of the program that is already in version 1.18.1 with all the changes that have happened.

So accompany you through the Best Seed List for Minecraft January 2022, because there is a lot of fun that you should not miss.

Best Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Seeds 1.18.1 Jan 2022

Seed: 7583610616009964263

Coordinates: 50, -50

In this seed, as soon as we appear, it would be recommended that you go to the coordinates -150, -750 to find a valley between the different mountains that hide two villages, in one of these you will find a blacksmith and the other is totally abandoned. There is a third town if you go to coordinates -350, -550.

Seed: 2931446

Coordinates: -300, 50


We will appear on a fairly large survival island, and also with a small island further east that has a village at coordinates 50.50. If you manage to cross the channel between the two islands, you will find an ocean monument at coordinates -200,150. There is another monument at coordinates -800,100

Seed: 92182

Coordinates: 50, 50

As soon as you appear you will see that you are in a mansion in a forest and also a double village, in addition we will have eight different biomes and all glued to each other that go from the plains, through the meadows and even frozen peaks.

If you look at the bottom, you will see that the mountains are very high and even go well beyond the level of the clouds.

Seed: 71196647

Coordinates: 50, 50

You will emerge in a savanna village with a ruined portal right next to one of the houses, and this portal will take you above structures such as the lower fortress and the treasure room. You must open the main chest in the treasure room because it contains a couple of diamonds, but also a diamond sword and some spectral arrows.

Seed: 232053

Coordinates: 50, 50


We will appear next to three villages, a looters’ outpost and a ruined portal. You will also be able to locate a fourth village with a blacksmith at coordinates -400,150 and an igloo at coordinates 400, -150.

Seed: 2068399

Coordinates: 50, 50

In this seed you will find a buried desert temple that cannot be seen from the surface, but through an underground cave at coordinates 50, -150.

As soon as you collect all the loot from the temple, you can find a village at coordinates 150.50 and a jungle temple at coordinates 50.50.

Seed: 181884

Coordinates: 50, 50

This time you will come out next to a double village at the foot of the mountain, at the top of which you will see a looters’ post.

This seed has many naturally generated caves and cliffs, and there is a ton of loot to be found in them.

Seed: 60916797

Coordinates: 50, 50

You will emerge on the edge of a giant hole in the ground with a small town next to it that has only five buildings and a tree. On the other hand, you are going to locate a beautiful cave with many paths that lead to different small caves and other features that you should see with your own eyes.

Seed: 66269690

Coordinates: 50, 50


This seed has a village hut fused with a ruined portal that you haven’t seen before. On the other hand, this portal can take you directly to the bridges of the bastions, and you can make different exchanges later.

Seed: 42370

Coordinates: 50, 50

The seed is very varied because there are two villages available and one of them has two blacksmiths.

To the north where you appear there are two forest mansions at 400, -650 and -800, -750. You will also be able to locate two ocean monuments at -800, -150 and -1200,250.

Seed: 40918

Coordinates: 50, 50

You will leave in a ravine that separates the biomes of the savannah and wastelands, and in the ravine a town that has buildings that occupy these two biomes.

On the other hand, the underground of the ravine takes you to a huge cave at coordinates -550.50, and if you look at the top you will see a village of zombies.

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