TikTok has had more visits in 2021 than the almighty Google according to this traffic ranking

TikTok has had more visits in 2021 than the almighty Google according to this traffic ranking

TikTok has had more traffic this year 2021 than the almighty Google. The video social network has been crowned with staggering numbers.

When we speak today of TikTokIt is not surprising that many know and use it normally. Now, make it so ridiculously popular as to having surpassed Google in visitor traffic, is something else.

And it seems that it is unstoppable, the video platform has put Google aside as the most popular website in the world. At least, this is so according to the traffic ranking of the performance and security web Cloudflare.

In this Year in Review of the websites with the most traffic (via Gizmodo), TikTok slipped into the ranking of the 10 websites with the most visits in 2020 They are in 7th place just behind the best known .coms.

These posts, with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix and Amazon repeating, they have not varied much. Amazon has moved up one position, changing with Netflix, but the case of TikTok is very different.

On its blog, Cloudflare has indicated that the numbers between the two years could give somewhat misleading results. Especially since the service gave data in 2020 between the months of September to December.

And now, in comparison to the 12 of this 2021, they could be very different; and boy they are. According to Cloudflare, TikTok had its maximum global traffic peak on February 17, 2021, followed by a few more in March and June, plus another in late August.

The popularity of this mobile app -with a browser version- was greatly increased during the pandemic. Although it was geared towards teens, TikTok already has demographics around the world.

And not only that, many actors, organizations, supermarkets and everything you can imagine, already have their account. To present news, attract the public, etc., even football clubs already use it to share memes.

Although Cloudflare only offers raw data without giving detailed analysis, it is a fact that TikTok has already crept into our lives to stay. Who was going to tell us that it would beat Google in traffic?

Remember that Google is not just the search engine, are also its services such as Maps, Translate, Photos, Flights, Books, News and others.

But one more piece of information, TikTok -whose parent company, ByteDance, is headquartered in China – is now the only non-American company to be in the Top 10.

And you,Do you use TikTok a lot, something, a little or do you prefer to spend?

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