Have you ever played a visual novel about Communist Poland?  This is Martial Law

Have you ever played a visual novel about Communist Poland? This is Martial Law

We leave you a visual novel somewhat different from the rest, to begin with it goes about communist Poland. It’s short, depressing, free, and has a very interesting touch.

Would you like a short, somewhat depressing and free visual novel about the Communist Poland with which to end the year? Well, maybe yes or maybe no, but we also leave it to you for PC.

Is named Martial Law and thanks to PC Gamer we have known her a little more and better. In the game we take on the role of a low-class man abandoned by the Polish government of the Paco of Warsaw.

During her life she tries to take care of her daughter in the best possible way and not to fall apart. But of course, as you may already be imagining, things in the game they won’t make it easy for you.

It is a classic visual novel environment, with many endings available for those who play it and problems that we will run into and have to solve; or maybe not, of course.

Don’t worry, because even if the game has an atmosphere that goes towards the depressing, not everything will be like that. One of the endings seems to be “happy”, as far as possible, if you want to go find it.

Besides being a game per se, it is also quite educational and has a wealth of information on 20th century Polish Communism. According to its developers, its goal is “visualize the reality of the Polish families of that time.

Also their way of thinking and how they understood the world around them“You can still find very interesting information about everything related to the subject while you play.

Martial Law it was a game that was developed for the GameJam, but later made full game free. It works on Windows and Linux, so it expands its borders to users with different OS.

If you have been interested, the game is available for free on Steam. In its description we read: “Martial Law is a game about the difficulties that Communism had in Poland.

The story is told from the perspective of a man who is abandoned due to his low social status. He tries his best to be there for his daughter despite the difficulties“.

For now Martial Law has very positive reviews on the Valve platform.





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