This stunning statue from the movie Jaws can be yours for a $ 3,000 bite to your wallet

This stunning statue from the movie Jaws can be yours for a $ 3,000 bite to your wallet

If your bank account can afford it, this statue of Steven Spielberg’s shark attack on the fragile Orca fishing boat could be yours. If not, delight in the images.

Shark movies there are many. We could kick a rock and we would get Sharknados, Megalodons and Nazi sharks out of our ears.

Sharksplotation movies have been a cult phenomenon for decades, but none come close to the impact Steven Spielberg gave his shark on Shark.

Director of Devil on wheels He established himself as one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century thanks, in large part, to the success that Tiburon had around the world.

The fear of sharks became very real for the public, and the very sensation that the film exuded, its tension, its terror, inspired other great film sagas such as Alien, the eighth passenger.

One of the climactic moments of Tiburon is the final attack on the Orca, the fragile fishing boat that was trying to end the life of the predator of the amity island.

Iron studios wanted to recreate down to the smallest detail the iconic scene in which the shark chooses to eat the stern of the ship without fuss, and if it catches legs, the better.

The spectacular 1:20 scale recreation has 78.7 cm height, 104.1 cm long Y 37.1 cm wide, and weighs a whopping 24 carats, ideal for making legs and toning the muscles, but do not fall off.

The price of this limited edition (total number of units is not specified), is only $ 2,999.99. Come on, you almost bought a fishing boat.

It is estimated that shipments of this statue pass will be made from last quarter of 2022, between October and December.

If you can afford to purchase one of these pieces, you have it available in the Iron Studios website to reserve. If not, we will always have the images above, and those little faces of terror.

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