Florence Pugh will lend her image and voice to Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 4, according to an insider

Florence Pugh will lend her image and voice to Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 4, according to an insider

A well-known insider assures that Florence Pugh, the Black Widow actress, will lend her image and voice to Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 4 and the entire franchise … with the intention, later, of making a movie.

The development of Metroid Prime 4 has been surrounded by secrecy since its announcement at E3 2017 and its subsequent “resumption” in January 2019. It will be 5 years since we learned of the project, but, nevertheless, we still do not no official image or information.

Yes, this year we have had the excellent Metroid Dread, one of the best games of the year, but fans of Metroid Prime, the sub-series of Metroid in the first person, have had little news beyond the hires of Retro Studios.

However, this new rumor is going to monopolize the conversation around Metroid … and it will undoubtedly divide the audience. Apparently Nintendo has hired the actress Florence Pugh, the actress recently seen in Black widow Y Hawk Eye, to pay his image and voice to Samus Aran.

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This is what the insider affirms Jeff grubb on your podcast Last of the Nintendogs: “I have heard from at least two sources that Nintendo of America has signed the Black Widow actress for him to become Samus in the Metroid franchise“says Grubb, who claims that his two sources are reliable and do not know each other at all, which adds credibility to the information.

Apparently, when Retro Studios restarted development on Metroid Prime 4 in 2019, Nintendo of America decided to take a fresh approach not only to the game, but to the franchise, looking for a young actress who would become the official image of Samus, both in games and in later transmedia projects, such as movies.


This decision did not like much in the headquarters of Nintendo Japan, that was against to the idea. Finally, it was sometime in 2020 when the green light was given to Nintendo of America’s plans, having planned the Metroid Dread marketing campaign.

As development for Metroid Dread had begun prior to the Metroid Prime 4 reboot, Samus’s in-game design for MercurySteam fell outside of this plan.

Likewise, they speculate that for that reason Nintendo influenced so much that Dread was the end of the main saga, in 2D, considering it as a “end of cycle“This may be one of the reasons we haven’t seen an official image of Metroid Prime 4 yet (or the rumored Metroid Prime remaster, which Grubb still takes for granted, though he’s not sure now if it’s the Trilogy).

As for the actress, names such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie or Brie Larson, who came very close to landing the role, but eventually they settled on Florence Pugh as they wanted to find someone younger.

And it is that the intention, in the long term, is for Pugh to star an origins film of the saga, accompanied by a relaunch of the saga in 2D (although that’s insider speculation). Recall that Nintendo confirmed that they intended to make movies or series with other IPs apart from Super Mario.

From what I’ve heard, Pugh will be lending his image in Metroid Prime Remaster and then Metroid Prime 4, with the goal of establishing a unified image of Samus to use in all post-Dread games, in promo campaigns and stuff, and finally in movies“says Grubb.

Pugh’s role in the two Metroid Primes currently in development would be small, beyond having borrowed his image in the few moments when Samus’s face is seen. I wouldn’t have done any motion capture, but yes I would have lines of dialogue in Metroid Prime 4, a game that is expected to emphasize its narrative with “cinematic and emotional” scenes.

What do you think that Nintendo has opted for an actress as well known as Florence Pugh, Marvel’s new Black Widow, to be the image of Samus in the saga (games and perhaps movies)?

In a world where Chris Pratt is going to be Super Mario, nothing seems impossible anymore …

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