A well-known influencer unleashes the ire of players by making a Pokémon table with Game Boy Color models

A well-known influencer unleashes the ire of players by making a Pokémon table with Game Boy Color models

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a Pokémon table with Game Boy Color models? Bad, no, even less to make it of epoxy resin, all this has angered many players.

We will never understand what it is that leads many influencers to make certain decisions. And, of course, this thing about making a Pokémon table with Game Boy Color models, is one of them.

Logan paul decided a few days ago to create a table with these laptops. Wrapped up again in controversy, has rendered 15 portable consoles useless with your science project.

The well-known influencer published a video where he is seen making it with epoxy resin and using the Game Boy Color of various shades as a base. With a final result that has been framed with PokéBall tones.

The video, summarizing the process and posted on TikTok -although it can be seen on Twitter-, it has not been long, for many players, something that came out of the Devil’s torture chamber.

Although at first glance it may seem like a simple creative project, Paul has set Twitter on fire. It seems that to many, save for the defenders who always praise whatever their idols do, this has been something horrendous.

This type of retro consoles sell for between € 40 and € 60, according to its state and modifications. But beyond that, Paul has used some limited edition laptops, although they may no longer work; this is the video.

As you can see, it speaks for itself, but many have not liked all this at all, the reasons do not matter. One critic in particular was that of Bob Wulff, a well-known retro gamer, commenting that “today the world has lost 15 precious Game Boy Color“.

And this can be seen in the responses to Paul’s tweet. Since although the table have colorinchis and shineIt does not omit the fact of what it is made of and what it has taken to manufacture them.

Regardless of whether these consoles worked or not, with the resin they would already be for the drag. Those who are in charge of safeguarding these bits of history do not believe that it is the best way to preserve it.

Of course, and although not the first time that Paul has the fury of the internet With your actions, it will not be the last seen what is generated around your videos.

This, added to the fact that he has also done his thing with the Pokemon cards, has led to other types of criticism. Beyond the destruction in what he does, many collectors criticize him because he inflates the price.

Those who do not seek and / or are famous for it, cannot access the purchase because the price has risen thanks to these videos from other influencers; and even Paul himself.

What do you think? Game Boy Color was very complete for its time, you could even check the mail and the Internet.





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