This is one of the deleted scenes from Encanto that we can see on the Blu-Ray

This is one of the deleted scenes from Encanto that we can see on the Blu-Ray

The physical edition of Encanto goes on sale next year with a slew of extras including a deleted scene between Maribel and her grandmother.

Charm came to Disney plus on Christmas Eve after the temporary exclusive in theaters that the film had for a month. But if you thought that having Disney Plus would be enough for you to enjoy Charm completely, you are wrong.

In February of next year the Charming Blu-Ray, and with it a lot of extras and unpublished content that you will not want to miss if you are a fan of the film and want to know more about the Madrigal family.

One of those extras that the physical edition of Encanto will be deleted scenes. Deleted scenes are very common in all types of productions but generally we usually see that they come to light some time after their premieres, as is the case with The witcher.

Collider has exclusively shared one of these Enchantment deleted sequences that we can find on the Blu-Ray. The scene, which did not go beyond the phase of storyboard, teaches us Mirabel towards the end of the movie. If you have not seen Encanto yet, we recommend not watching the video or continuing to read the news.

In the deleted scene from Encanto we see Mirabel being honest with his grandmother, feeling guilty for having destroyed his family, his cottage and the powers of all your loved ones. But this also becomes a moment of redemption for her Grandma, who confesses guilty to the death of her husband when leaving his city.

On the Blu-Ray of Charm we will also find seven additional deleted scenes and other extra content that will show us how the process of creating the music and the characters was. In addition, a version will be included charm singalong and the animated short Far from the Tree which was screened in theaters before the movie.

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