Jonathan Groff prepared his role in Matrix 4 by watching a compilation of Agent Smith on YouTube

Jonathan Groff prepared his role in Matrix 4 by watching a compilation of Agent Smith on YouTube

Despite the fact that his Agent Smith is not the same as Hugo Weaving’s, Groff was very aware of the actor’s work.

Although both the protagonists and their director, Lana Wachowski, have commented on several occasions that Matrix Resurrections It is not a sequel to the original trilogy of films starring Keanu Reeves, the truth is that it shares several characters with them, including Agent Smith who has gone from playing Hugo Weaving to Jonathan Groff.

However, Groff’s Smith is not the same as Weaving’s but an “update” of it, so the Mindhunter actor had to make it his own, although acknowledges that he was largely inspired by the work the previous performer has already done. In fact, his main source of inspiration is a compilation video from YouTube.

“There is a video of Youtube that collects all the times Weaving says “Mr. Anderson” throughout the Matrix trilogy. So I watched this video a bunch of times and I put on the Matrix movies while I had dinner. I always had Hugo in my mind “, explained Groff in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite this, the director made it clear from the first moment that he didn’t want his Agent Smith to be a “knockoff” of Weaving’s, although there are moments in which Matrix 4 shares some of the phrases already said in the original trilogy.

“I knew early on in the process that this was going to be new Agent Smith programming and Lana told me she didn’t want my performance to be an impression of Weaving. But at the same time in the script there are really funny moments where my partner says things like: “billions of people live their lives unconsciously”, like in the original movie. ”

Matrix Resurrections hit theaters on December 22 And if you are considering going to see it at the cinema, do not miss the criticism of our colleagues.

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